Blue Moon Soap Review!

So, today we begin the adventures of discovering natural body/bath products! I’m going to start with soaps and body oils first ūüėĬ† I’m happy to introduce to you today…drum roll please… The Blue Moon Soap Company ūüôā

Blue Moon Soaps could easily be described as an ‘indie’ type of soap company. And those are the BEST kind in my opinion! They just seem to put extra TLC into their products. ‚̧

I remember discovering this company a few years ago at a fall festival with my friend Cassi. I was just intrigued from the get-go when I saw so many different soaps and body oils, not to mention how amazingly they all smelled. BMS was created by a mother of two daughters who simply wanted a soap that wouldn’t dry their skin out! No matter what soaps she would buy at the store, they all were over-drying. So, the mother did her research and created these awesome soaps herself! All of these soaps are handmade with all-natural ingredients and organic botanicals. She even uses herbs from her own garden!

BMS sells bar soaps, body oils & haircare, body butters and lip balms! I have only purchased bar soaps and body/bath oils from this company though. And the products I’ve bought have really made a difference in the smoothness and texture of my skin. I even gave my older sister a bottle of their lavender body/bath oil for Christmas one year, and now she’s hooked! This stuff really works y’all.

I wash my hands pretty regularly with their bar soaps. It works up a rich creamy lather on your hands, and just smells and feels so CLEAN. That’s what I love about it. Dry hands? This is the soap for you!

Their body/bath oil is superb as well. Unfortunately, they do not make the 8 oz. oil bottles anymore; they now sell their body oils in 2 oz size bottles @ $2.95 each.

Their body/bath oils go a long way, especially if you’re taking a bath. All it takes is a few drops in your bath water. Then, soak for awhile, and you’ll come out with silky, smooth, super soft skin. Works every time. It doesn’t provide bubbles though, but feel free to add bubble bath; you’ll still get those results. Also, you will NOT come out of your bath feeling oily. I can see why some might question that, since it is a bath oil. I just wanted to make that known in case you were wondering. I have found out that when I use this oil in the shower as a body wash so to speak, I tend to use a lot more because it doesn’t lather like their bar soaps, and I like lather Lol. Your best bet would be to use these oils in your bath, and use their bar soaps in the shower, if you want that lather. And since their bar soaps are not made like other bar soaps, which are very drying to your skin, you can rest assured that when using their bar soaps, you will get hydrated, long lasting softness, post-shower skin ūüôā

(**Also, the body/bath oil works great as a post-shower moisturizer. After I get out of the shower and dry off, I put a few drops of the oil on my arms and legs, rub it in, and voila! Hydrated, moisturized skin.)

So now I want to tell you about what goes into making these fabulous soaps/oils.

The bar soaps are 3.5 oz  (@ $3.80 each)  and here are the main ingredients: (some of the bar soaps I purchased were made with oats, which I thought was a nice addition to these ingredients belowРper their web page)


BAR SOAP (Main) Ingredients: (all soaps are facial quality)  *There are many different bar soap scents available, these are just the main oils used to make them. Visit their website to find out all of their bar soap scents.*

Castor Oil, Helpful for dry chapped skin.

Coconut Oil, Used to promote lather & serves as a protective layer on the skin.

Olive Oil, Softens the skin, reduces scars, soothing for nail & hair care.

Palm Oil, Makes the soap bar hard & long lasting, also a rich source of vitamin A.

Rice Bran Oil, For dry & flaky skin, to reduce inflammation & soothe discomfort due to itchy skin.

Soy Bean Oil,  Soy Bean Oil has been clinically proven to even skin tone and smooth skin texture. Long known for its health benefits, research into the use of soy for skin care has shown multiple skin care benefits, such as: softening and smoothing skin texture: High in natural source lecitihin, sterolins, and vitamin E.

Cocoa Butter, Used to ease dryness & improve skins flexibility. Contains 5IU of vitamin E per ounce.

Mango Butter, is taken from the seed kernels of the fruit of the mango tree. It is similar in texture to shea butter and is much softer than cocoa butter. It has a very light/yellow mango color.


BODY/BATH OIL:  Ingredients are based on specific oil scents. (per BMS webpage)

*Note:¬† E.O. =¬† “Essential Oil.”¬† //¬† F.O. = “Fragrance Oil*¬†¬† All oils below come in 2 oz. size bottles.


Aux Provance, Lavender E.O. Calming & relaxing. 

Nutty Pear, Pearberry and peach F.O and orange E.O. Just plain nutty fun, a medium sweet aroma with nutty undertones. 

Plumeria, Plumeria  F.O. and orange E.O. Get the aroma of Hawaii without the high price tag. 


Almond Bliss, Almond F.O. and lemon E.O. Sugared almonds with a citrus twist! 

Pineapple Creme, Pineapple/cilantro, berries and cream F.O., grapefruit E.O. Fruit, fruit and more fruit!

Tropical Vacation, Lime E.O. tropical vacation(mango/papaya fruit mix) and coconut F.O.  Feel uplifted all day. 


Berry Sage, Blackberry,¬†F.O.¬†and grapefruit E.O. with sage infused carrier oils.¬†Juicy sweetness¬†combined with¬†earthy freshness…¬†

Rosemary Tangerine, Rosemary, orange and lemon  E.O. Rainforest F.O.(sweet citrus/jasmine/blond woods mix) 

Olive & rice bran oils.


I highly recommend these products, especially if you’re on the lookout for truly all-natural, hydrating, inexpensive soaps and body oils. I hope to try out their body butters/lip balms soon!

If you’d like to meet the woman behind this awesome soap, you can find her at most events and festivals in the DFW area. She and her daughter are faithful in getting their booth setup at local festivals especially. But, if you’re not from around here, I have good news for you…they have shipping ūüėÄ yee!

almond bliss blackberry ingred all 3 oat bar soaps

To purchase their soaps, or to find out more info, check out their website: http://www.bluemoonsoap.com.